Hi, I’m Bookish Owlie a.k.a. Dipannita. I am an ardent bibliophile, an avid reader, and an unabashed couch-potato.

I love to read and write about everything that is going on in my mind. I find solace in writing. I tend to scribble everything I can on my journals. I read to escape from the harsh realities of life but also because I, like everyone else, am in search of my abode. Life can be tough for people who live thousand lives through the pages of books because they empathize with every character that they can relate with but I think living a thousand lives while residing in one is the most beautiful feeling in the world.
Another beautiful LGBTQ book that retold a story that I never really liked as a fairytale anyway. I will prefer this version over the old one every time. A Cinderella that looks for a princess and not a prince charming, a story that changes everything we knew, a story that depicts everything that is wrong with blind faith; this books is an epic representation of today’s world. One must read to find out. I will write in detail about this particular book in a blog post soon because it deserves a lot more words and efforts put into it.

”Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere.”

Aristotle and Dante both have learnt so much from each other. However, they will never realize how much of compassion they have taught me.

These are three of my favorite LGBTQ books that I shall review soon with detailed reasons as to why you should add them to your TBR. Some additional reasons maybe because they are beautiful, romantic, inspirational and breathtaking.

I am 21 and still reading. I love all kinds of books but my absolute favorite genre is Young Adult Fantasy. I love Leigh Bardugo, Casey Mcquisten, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and numerous amounts of other wonderful authors. I love Arundhati Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Jane Austen and also Tolstoy. I have more authors that I love that I can count without the slightest of regret.

This was supposed to be an introductory post to my site but I thought that what better way to introduce myself than share what I love with those that I wish to. Kindly follow my site and blog posts to read more bookish content and a lot more similar lifestyle blog posts.